Saloon boat Belle Epoque


The largest saloon boat in the Private Boat Tours fleet is called Belle Epoque, which is French for wonderful time. For more than 100 years this is what the Belle Epoque provides: a wonderful time for everyone on board. 

Nowadays you can still enjoy the comfortable luxury of the Belle Epoque, totally adjusted to modern wishes. The authentic resorted interior, with rough silk curtains, leather coating and varnised teak breaths the atmosphere of the roaring twenties. On board a hostess will serve drinks and appetizers from the marble refrigerated bar while soft music is played on the background. There is a good sanitation on board and in winter time the boat is air heated. In summer windows can be opened and the roof on the aft deck can slide open completely. 

This boat is suitable for exclusive trips of a maximum of 28 passengers with attractively-served drinks, a maximum of 24 guests with a buffet or a maximum of 20 passengers with a stylish dinner. 

In 2018 the Belle Epoque was classified as Sailing Heritage by the Society of Sailing Heritage of the Netherlands. Please find more information about the Belle Epoque on their website.