Saloon boat Stern


"Our Stern, the smallest bird in our fleet", was what the Royal Dutch Steamboat Company called her board boat. The board held office in the Shipping House at the Prins Hendrikkade. However, the loading and unloading of the cargo ships took place in the harbors (the present KNSM Island). Until 1964 saloon boat the Stern transported the board every day to the harbor and back. Besided transportation of the board, the Stern was also used to sail special meetings with high end guests. After the merge with Nedlloyd in 1981, the Stern remained sailing on the canals of Amsterdam, for special guests.

In 2015 the Stern became part of the Private Boat Tours fleet. After being renovated, the boat was fir for modern time and public. Now she sails the waters of Amsterdam again, with great glory. With a well-stoked cooled bar, spacious rear deck, comfortable saloon and sanitation, the Stern provides optimum comfort. On board is room for 12 guests during a cocktail cruise as well as during dinner.

In 2018 the Stern has been qualified as Sailing Heritage by the Society of Sailing Heritage of the Netherlands. For more information about the Stern please visit their website. 

The beautiful Stern, the smallest bird in our fleet", said the Royal Dutch Steamboat Company about their beautiful salon boat. The board and office employees held office in the Scheepvaarthuis (Shipping House) along the Prins Hendrikkade. The loading and unloading company of the KNSM was then located on the IJ-island (the present KNSM Island). Up until 1964, the Stern transported the board of the KNSM every day. Before the cessation of the activities by the KNSM in 1981, the board used the Stern as a salon boat for special cruises with their guests.

What to expect on board of the Stern:

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