Saloon boat Paradis


The Paradis is the first saloon boat of the Private Boat Tours fleet, started in 1992. The Paradis was restored in-house, with great attention for the authenticity of the boat, such as the beautiful teak structure with the cut glass windows and the marble bar on board. This way you can still enjoy the original luxury of the Paradis. 

Besided maintaining the historical properties of the boat, the boat has been pulled into the 21st century with all its modern facilities. Think of well-stocked cooled bar, surround sound music installation and in winter time hot air heating. During sunny days the roof can be slide open to enjoy the canals even better. 
On board of the Paradis there is room for 12 guests during a cocktail cruise and 6 guests during dinner.

In 2018 the Paradis marked as Sailing Heritage by the Society of Sailing Heritage Netherlands. For more information about the Paradis please visit their website.