Rates for the boat rental of our salon boats

Docked around the famous historical landmark Montelbaanstoren, the beautifully and luxuriously saloon boats of Private Boat Tours Paradis, Ivresse, Stern, Lieve and Belle Epoque.

Paradis, Ivresse & Stern € 280,- for the first hour, then € 200,- per hour including captain, without catering.

Lieve, Ivresse & Stern with captain & hostess € 360,- for the first hour, then € 280,- per hour without catering.

Belle Epoque € 400,- for the first hour, then € 300,- per hour with captain & hostess, without catering.All prices include VAT. 

All our saloon boats have a captain who can also guide if requested.

The minimum boat rent is 1 hour during daytime (to be extended by quarter hour periods). At/after 18.00 hours, the minimum rent is 2 hours.

There are no pick up charges in the city centre. Please find a map here with possible boarding locations.

General terms and conditions for Private Boat Tours (PDF)